Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Man, 3 posts in a roll!!

So Josh and I are taking a VACATION!! We've never actually had a real vacation. We've gone to Nashville, Effingham, Atlantic city but never a super big vacation. Well come May, we will be!! We decided to use our tax $$ and take a cruise to the Western Caribbean!
We are going on Carnival Cruise Lines on the Triumph ship to Ocho Rios, Jamaica; Grand Cayman Islands; Cozumel, Mexico! It's going to be a blast. Our cruise is 7 days total. Our ship's top features are a 12'x12' movie screen on the deck under the stars, wine bar, coffee bar, dance club, mini-golf, water slides, hot tubs, 3 pools, casino, theater for comedians, las vegas type shows, musicals etc, and sports bar, just to name a few! We got a balcony stateroom so that we can have a private dinner on our balcony and enjoy some alone time as well as enjoying the rest of the ship!
Oh and have NO fear! For $10 we can get wifi, so we will be able to take my precious mac book computer to update you with pictures of our wonderful time!!! *You know those lovely "wish you were here" kind of letters you know you love so much*
We have talked it over with carnival and they will not allow us to let balloons off for Jayden on the boat, (because they are not biodegradable. I've found several articles that LATEX balloons are biodegradable.... anyhow, we are still trying to come up with a good idea. They said we can throw flower petals over board, have a prayer with the captain of the ship, or something of that nature. Or leave a yellow rose at each port before we leave with a little note tied to the stem. We don't know what we will do yet, but we are trying to think of something special. But at the same time, we do want it to be something fun, this trip is supposed to be a pick me up so it's got to be something that won't dull the moment either. Kinda polar opposites huh? Any suggestions, just reply at the bottom of the post!!!
Here are some pictures from the carnival website! We are thrilled and We got our passports, everything is paid for and we are ready to go..... no we just have to wait 30 more days *sigh*

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