Sunday, March 22, 2009

Getaway Weekend!

Well, this last weekend we decided to drive to Effingham, Illinois. (Yes that's actually the name!) We visited some of Josh's moms side of the family. Saw uncle Jeff and Gina, uncle rick, Angie and Brent, grandma sherry and grandpa Dallas, Cathy, Eric and Darcy.

It was a great getaway! We were out in the country and went shooting. I shot a .22, .380, .40, .45, AK47, trapdoor Springfield (the one gen custard used!) And some others. It was so much fun and surprisingly enough, I actually hit the targets!! Be proud!
After that we visited grandma sherry and Dallas and I absolutely love their house. Their back yard is just miles of rolling hills. It was very peaceful. (So peaceful JB and I fell asleep!!)
After that we headed back to gina's moms for a chill/hot dogs/hamburger dinner and played this awesome card game called hand and foot. It was so much fun!!! It was guys vs. Girls. And yes of course the girls won!!! :)
By the end of the game, it was pretty late so we headed home. JB and I talked the whole way home (although I believe I dosed off here and there). On the way to and from Effingham off of 70 I believe, there is the worlds largest cross. (Ill post pics later). It's made of metal and it is huge!! We have decided for Jayden's first birthday, we would like to go out there, pray and let off the blue balloons we are getting made. They are going to say: Jayden Henry Boone born with wings on 12.30.2008" with a little angel graphic from
Well back to work for me! Ill post our pictures later!!!
With love

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