Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm back again!

Alright I guess I need to update a little bit. I've been absent for a week. Things are going okay. We leave for our cruise tomorrow at 6am! Our cruise got re-routed from cozumel mexico to belize city, belize because of the swine flu. Either way we still get to go scuba diving!!
We are anxiously awaiting for 6am to come around. I'm still running around trying to get things together and pack. I downloaded an audiobook, music and a few tv shows from itunes (private practice & the new 90210) so that I can be entertained during our flights and what not until we get to the boat on the 3rd. We are flying into tampa tomorrow, then driving to west palm beach to stay at JB's battle buddy's house, then driving to miami to get to the big boat :)
I will be able to update on the cruise. I can get 100min/$55 or 250/$100. I haven't decided which route i'll go. I am going to type up my posts prior to getting online to send so that I don't waste minutes. The internet is satalite and from what I hear, it's slow - so pictures will have to be a wait and see thing. I'll try to upload them to my google account (link is posted in the "where to find me links on the side panel -->" but don't count on anything because I don't want to waste my minutes uploading when I can be blogging! I'll probably blog while we are in the suite getting ready before dinner or if I need a break from the sun during the day. btw- we got upgraded from a regular balcony to a big suite because JB is military!! It has a whorlpool and a living room, bedroom, large private balcony, changing room/closets and a bathroom! I'm very excited even though we will not spend much time in the room itself!
So0o0o other than that nothing much is new. We got to see little miss Lilly Hope today. JB's battle buddy had a little girl on March 2. She's the cutest thing. I wasn't sure how I'd handle it but to be honest I loved holding her. She's such a good baby and so darn cute! I really have found I am fine around friend's babies. It's the "other" pregnant women I just am jealous of. I do not wish anything bad on any one of course. Just jealous. What bother's me the most is those stupid comments people can make. 4 months later and I still get them. It's frustrating but I am learning to keep my mouth shut and walk away. While others don't mean to be hurtful, alot of times it really is.
Also, happy 4 months old to Jayden!! I can't believe it's been 4 months already. Time has flown by, yet I still feel like it was yesterday and that I am kind of still stuck back in December. This month was another unsuccessful one. I was actually late 4 days. And I called my OB to get a blood test done before we left and not an hour after I was off the phone with her my ugly period showed it's face. I was bummed of course but trying to look at the bright side (still working on that) but I will be able to enjoy this vacation worry free (minus getting the swine flu lol)  So hello to month #3 of trying for another gorgeous baby boone! OB has said that (she's really rooting for us) and that if we go for 4 months of trying with no luck to come in for a consultation and check up just to see what is going on. We should have some luck since we are using an expensive fertility monitor that tell us the exact days I am ovulating. So... we'll see how it goes.
Alright well, off to finish packing!! I'll take lots of pictures for you.
Oh also - since I will not be home until  midnight on mother's day - happy mother's day to all of you. A special mother's day to all the special mother's (moms and g-mals and aunts) in mine and josh's life. We love you all so much and we can't say enough that you are so special and we don't know what we would do without you!
One more thing: Please keeps some prayers going for grandpa (josh's stepmom's dad) He's started his chemo on the tumor on his face. He's one of the strongest people I know, he goes through so much. So I know he can make it through this but prayers always help!! It will be zapping the energy right out of him, energy he already doesn't have.
Okay okay, time to pack although I'd much rather chat!

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