Monday, January 12, 2009

CPSIA & Handmade

I'm bummed. So this new CPSIA law that goes into affect on Feb. 10, 2009 sucks. It states that any products made and sold for children under the age of 12 must go through testing for lead first. (Meaning I would have to spend $25,000 before selling any of my items directed for babies/infants). 
My breast-pads, nursing covers, diaper bags and jewelry should be okay... but I can't sell my personalized baby hats or onsies or the boppy pillows and pacifier clips.

They say that this law should not affect small businesses.... how is that NOT affecting me? I'm a small business, a very very small one. And to buy $25,000 testing equipment to test fabric that I know doesn't have lead in it... yeah that's affecting me and my pocket. I don't even make that much yet. I've made alot more than I thought I would but defiantly not nearly enough to continue to work under the law. Which means I can't sell those items at all.
I understand that items for children need to be lead free, but i looked at all the re-called items in the last 3 months and over 90% of these items have been made in china not the US. So now, US businesses who know that they are using fabrics and materials lead free... get screwed.
Resellers such as Once Upon a Child get exempt from this law, but someone like me, who makes handmade, hand-sewn goods does not.  The only thing I could do, Is try to sell my things to resellers like OUAC, and try to get some money out of it, but in the end that is not worth it because you won't get nearly as much as you could selling it first hand.
I will continue to make and sell my nursing products. Since they are used by the mother and not the child. But I'm bummed. I really enjoyed making these items. Stupid government.

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