Friday, May 22, 2009


Alright. Yes I need to destress. You would think my vacation would of handled that for me but I managed to come home and get completely stressed out again. My anxiety is through the roof! I have officially accepted that I was born without the stress management skill. I don't have it.

Every little thing and even people litterally make me so stress I don't know what to do with myself at times. The littlest thinks erk me. The littlest disagree ment seems like the end of the world.
Not to mention I'm losing hair by the handful!! Make that.... Handful(s). I'm talking 4-6 handfuls after showering and another 1-2 throughout the day. Its a wonder I'm not bald yet!!!
I can proudly say that this month I have not let ttc consume me (and I still managed to get stressed out). But I haven't charted temps/discharge and I only peed on a stick for about 7 days and to be honest unless I make an effort to look at my fertility monitor, I can't tell you what cycle day I'm on. I generally know which week but that's about it. And I like it this way. Charting ruins me. Too stressful. I do know that AF (my period - aunt flow as other ttc-ers call it) should arrive next weekend. And I have pledged to myself that I will not test unless I miss my period.
So I'm ready for the weekend which for me approx. Starts at 130am on fridays since I work nights. We do have a busy one tho... Sat is tailgating at the race and sunday is the race and we get to go with the guard recruiting team, check out the pits and al that fun jazz!!
Okay well I'm back to work for now- I'm sure everyone can hear my thumbs texting away!!
Xo. KB

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