Thursday, June 25, 2009

Packing Sucks!

Well, I officially hate packing. This has been the 4th move in the last two years. Let's just say we love change and we better get used to moving :)
We still don't have any orders in our hands yet, the military is sort of a hurry up and wait kind game but that's okay. I feel like that gives me a little more time to pack and keeps things less stressful. But If i get orders that say two weeks I'll start freaking out. We got the garage cleaned out tonight and boy was that a task. It was so hot today you walk out side and bam, your sweating. So we did that all day. Next step is the inside. We have a couple coming over to look at our house  next week so we have to have the majority of the things thrown out or packed away. I hope to have most of the major cleaning and packing done in the next two weeks that way we just have the everyday needs left to pack when we get orders. It will take off that much more stress of the move.
My timeline:
  • Thursday: Sweep/dust/windows in the loft, guest bedroom, guest bedroom #2; laundry
  • Friday: sweep/dust/clean/mop the half bath and upstairs full bath; laundry
  • Saturday: sweep/dust/windows on the ledge above the front door; office; laundry; hallways; laundry room
  • Sunday: sweep/dust/windows in the living room and dining room; laundry
  • Monday: sweep/dust/mop/windows in the kitchen, pantry; laundry
  • Tuesday: take apart bunk beds, pack sheets/blankets, pack books/movies, pack hanging baskets and decorations
  • Wednesday: Pack up office stuff; laundry
  • Thursday: pack up all of JB's military stuff; laundry
  • Friday: Pack up any non essential kitchen items; laundry
  • Saturday: Pack up the nursery (this is going to be a really hard one!)
  • Sunday: Pack up all winter clothes, purses, accessories and bath items that are non essential
So yes I have a long list of things to do. There are still other things other than packing I have to do, like get all of our bills and important documents all together. Transfer all of our online things to my new email address. As soon as we have a new mailing address, change all bills, forward new address to friends and family and start planning on the actual move details.  I also have to get into doctors offices and get all my medical records so if I do become pregnant, god willing... I can figure out what to do with the military doctors. That will for sure be nerve racking.
Well, anyway that's whats new with me! I'm back to lounging around. I'm super tired from cleaning the garage!

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