Wednesday, December 16, 2009

23 Weeks :: So much to update!

*Bear with me as I am transferring my old blog posts over. Should only take another day or so since the blog importer is not working correctly....but it's nice to review all my blog posts about Jayden since his first birthday is coming up!*
I know, I'm absolutely horrible. I haven't updated in a while. Even on bedrest I can't seem to find the time to sit and put my thoughts down. More so because I'm more terrified of what those thoughts are than anything else. But here is a recap of the last few weeks.

At 18 weeks we had our MCA Ultrasound to measure Rylee's artery in her brain. This monitors how fast or slow the red blood cells flow. (the more red blood cells the slower it flows). So we want a very slow flow because that means that she has enough red blood cells. (my red blood cells created antibodies against 0- blood type so now my blood attachs 0-). At this ultrasound her values were awesome. The best that they could be. 

At 21 weeks we had our second MCA Ultrasound and sadly Rylee moved up into the next category closer to being anemic (not enough red blood cells). Her values are still in the normal range but have worsened from the last time. So now instead of being seen every 14 days we are seen every  7 days.

Tomorrow is our 22 week MCA ultrasound and I'm really nervous. I've kind of put off my emotions and just put it in the back of my mind as if it was no big deal but I can feel the emotions boiling. I'm so scared that she will move up another category to being anemic. I don't want to have to do blood transfusions and worry about early delivery on top of JB being gone with the military from Jan-Apr. But I'm trying to hold it together the best I can.

I did finally break down and go out and buy Jayden his first Christmas ornament. Now that I actually went and did it, I want to make it a tradition to get him an ornament each year. This year we found one with a little baby sleeping and there are wings on the baby and on it it says "sleep in heavenly peace". We thought this fit perfect for his first ornament. I'm so excited to hang it on the tree. I feel I have done really well so far with Jayden's first birthday coming up. I've really kept myself busy so I don't freak out. I think about him everyday but I can't bear the count down until his birthday. On his birthday we are going to build-a-bear to get a bear to donate to the hospital. I also have a gift certificate for a spa and they do pre-natal massages. I'm thinking his birthday may be the perfect time to go! But we'll see, i don't want to leave JB alone on his bday while I go get a massage either. We'll see!

In other news, my sister-in-law and I have opened up a webstore and have started selling handmade things. I am selling handmade jewelry, mainly earrings. I absolutely love doing this. I can sit for hours and make jewelry.... that is until my fingers start to hurt! B crochets and let me tell you.... she's really really good! I want to keep everything she makes for myself!! We had our first sale today - it was one of B's scarf & hat sets. It is super cute and I'm so glad she got her first sale! I hope they keep rolling in! So spread the word guys!! (If you live in the Indianapolis area, please contact me before purchase and I can get you a free shipping coupon code and then just hand deliver them to you!) You can check out our website here: or view my sidebar for a slideshow of whats for sale!

Well, back to helping JB pack.... we are moving into mom's house friday. We are still selling the house but since JB is going to be gone I'm going to stay with mom. I don't want to be alone and freak out more than I already am with being pregnant.

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