Sunday, March 21, 2010

36w3d :: Almost Done!

Yikes!! Have I been a horrible blogger or what? lol. Alot has happened in the last few weeks!

Lets start with 34 weeks. Rylee decided she was going to be lazy and failed a NST & BPP so we ended up in Labor & Delivery for monitoring. She did finally pass the second set later in the evening but she sure did give me a scare. I had done so well mentally/emotionally until she failed that one.

Then for a week (35 weeks) after I was freaking out and went in to be monitored overnight at one point because her movement was not where it normally was. But she seemed to be fine. I just needed the reassurance.

Now we are at 36 weeks! Unfortunately this week JB's grandpa had passed away. JB did get to come home for the weekend for the funeral. It was great to have him home even though it was under sad circumstances. He got to feel Rylee kicking and moving around though and that is one thing that he kept saying he missed the most about being away, so I know that made him feel more reassured. She's head down and staying that way I think. I'm having TONS of pressure down below and lots of period like cramping. A few turn into "real" contractions but the rest I think are just my body preparing for whats to come.

Today we have 8 days until our scheduled c-section! I'm thrilled and so nervous. I think we may ask to be admitted the night before for monitoring just to easy anxiety and nerves. We'll see what our doctor says. I have one more appointment with my OB on Tuesday and then Friday is our Amnio to check her lungs out and then Monday is delivery at 10 am!! So she should be here safe and SCREAMING by 11am! I can't wait to hold her and hear her *scream* her lungs out.

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