Friday, June 25, 2010

3 months later.... lol

Yikes, sorry. It's been quite some time. Things have been crazy hectic and when they aren't .... I'm catching up on sleep. Rylee is doing very well. She's almost done with the bout of anemia and she is growing and developing beautifully. She has just recently started to "babble" and drool a lot. She's discovered that shoving her hands in her mouth is quite interesting. She's now 11+lbs and two feet tall. She looks exactly like her daddy with chubby cheeks.

We are currently at fort Knox and we will be PCSing (moving) to Ft. Benning in March 2011. I'm pretty excited about the weather in Georgia however I am not excited about moving further from family. Ya know, since we are home almost every other weekend or so lol.

Well, I promise to update more often... and until then.... check out our photo albums of Rylee here:

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