Friday, January 14, 2011

My take on Cloth Diapering on a Budget

As a military family we are obviously on a tight budget. Unfortunately our soldiers do not get paid enough for their time and sacrafice they make. But that of course is another post on another day.
My point is, we don't have the luxury of extra funds or a two income household to cloth diaper with the big name brand diapers like Bumgenius or Fuzzibunz. Atleast not to have those new. So here is my advice on cloth diapering on a budget.

In terms of money it's probably the cheapest to do prefolds & covers. However that type of diapering isn't my style. Pockets are really more convenient for me.

How to buy cheap without reducing quality:

  1. Buy on a FSOT forum such as You can buy gently used cloth diapers for cheaper. Most of my experience with this has been great. Just make sure to ask questions about the condition of the PUL fabric, Elastic, Snaps/Velcro & overall function and ask to see pictures before committing to buy.
  2. Buying the "china diapers" as people refer to them. Honestly, they work just as good or better than some of the name brand diapers I've tried. While it's a cheaper price per diaper I have found that the quality is the furthest from cheaper. 
  3. Seconds - this refers to a diaper that is sold at discount due to a cosmetic issue but will function perfectly. Cosmetic issues could be that they got slightly dirty, the stitching isn't perfect stuff like that. I have bought tons of seconds and cannot figure out what was wrong with them they look and work perfectly.
And those are just to name a few! And remember most cloth diapering stores (online) have a clearance/sale/seconds section. be sure to check those out often!

I have a total of $63 one-sized pocket diapers and I spent no more than $6/ diaper. In most cases I only spent $3....

Also for inserts - if you are going to use microfiber (your cheapest option) then buy several packs of the microfiber towels in the auto section of walmart. They are 8-12pk for $3-5. Just tri fold them and stuff them in the pockets - simple as that!!

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