Thursday, January 22, 2009

Going to Nashville... Again...

Well JB was told yeterday that Col. Jones was going to be in town in Nashville to visit the Hero On Call center for the 1800goguar web site.
(for those of you who don't know, we live in Indy and JB works from home on the net). Well since he is manager now, we have been making tons of trips to Nashville. It isn't required that we move down there but we've gone to Nashville three times in 1 .5 months. I think they are trying to have us come down, so we get worn out and just move. They have been bugging us to move since before we bought our house in Indy last march. But we just can't move. Family is too important to us, And there is no way I can leave mine and JB couldn't live away from his daddy either ;) He's defiantly a daddy's boy for sure. Now on top of that, Jayden is right down the street from our house. We picked this cemetery so we wouldn't have to travel far when we wanted to go see him. If we lived in Nville... that would be a 4 hour drive home. I just don't think I could move away from Jayden, not now anyway, not for a while. It's just too important to go be able to visit him right now.
Anyway, So we'll be in n-ville from mon-thurs. J&E are taking care of the doggies. I'm hoping JB can ride with someone else to the office and leave me the car so I am not stuck in the hotel room all day. Not sure what or where I would go, I've seen the downtown about five hundred times and the zoo sucks (smaller than a third of what our zoo is.. and no underwater life). I don't know anyone from Nashville...  idk we'll see how this goes..... Homework and thank you cards and cable tv for four days, here I come!!!

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