Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sleep Is Over-rated

...Or so I thought. Ever since we found out Jayden's heart had stopped (3.5 weeks ago) I have not been able to sleep.
Both JB and I's sleep schedules are crazy. We literally stay up until 4 or 5 am and then he sleeps all day and I still manage to get up about 9 or 10am and go about my day. (which usually consists of bumming around at home, getting online, a little sewing maybe if i'm in a good mood).
They gave me ambien when I left the hospital and told me I would need it. Well I've been kind of scared to take it. I have heard it's easy to get hooked on and it gives you crazy dreams. Well finally last night after having a rough few days and nights, I decided to take it and see what happened. I went to bed around 1130pm (which to me now, is so early lol) and I got a very very very good sleep in. I woke up about 9am but felt completely rested. It has been the best sleep I have had in over 3.5 weeks. I needed it so bad because I could feel myself just starting to wear down.
Anyway, I'm off to watch some tv or something idk what exactly.... but something. Chat at-cha later.

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