Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dare to Love?

Happy Valentines day! JB and I went to his church for a marriage enrichment night. We absolutely loved it.

We had dinner, lazagna, salad and breadsticks, and watched a christian movie called Fireproof. This movie is about a firefighter who finds himself in a failing marriage. Him and his wife are to the point that they are filing for divorce. He doesn't understand what went wrong and only blaming her. His father gives him a book called the Love Dare. It's 40 days of daring to love and learning to love through Gods eyes. I recomend this movie to everyone, even if you are not expierencing problems in your relationship. It gives you a great vision of what it is to love, how to love and most important, how to love through God's eyes. We all received the Love Dare book and JB and I are going to read it through. The book is meant to be passed on, so when we are finished with it, we will be passing ours on. I will be keeping blogs of my journey through this dare. You will be able to find my posts under my sidebar links "Love Dare::40 days".
So besides that, Things have been looking up today. I finally had a good day. We went to support group last tuesday and I just can't believe how helpful the group is. There are some wonderful people who are in the group with us. It's good to know that we ARE NOT going crazy, although most of the time we feel we are. And It's just down right good to know that we are not alone and there are others going through the same feelings, emotions, problems. (unfortunately of course).  We all even agreed that we hated that group was only once a month, because honestly, once a day would be much better. It's hard enough to get through every minute of each day let alone getting through an entire month before we go to group again. JB finally opened up and talked. I'm so proud of him. I'm so glad that he will talk in front of others. I feel like it's a good thing to see the other fathers cry. JB agreed to go to an individual counselor for Jayden and for his PTSD and for US. I think that it will help. We benefit so much from group that I think going to a counselor will only help us. =D
Oh and Elyse and I got memberships at the anytime fitness down the street. It's open 24 hours so we can go whenever... we are on day #3 :) And going strong! It feels so good and such a stress reliever!!!!
We have been trying to do something in memory of Jayden. We finally agreed to make Baby Angel Kits. These are boxes for situations such as miscariage, stillbirth, and neonatal death. I have much more information on these kits on my other blog/webpage: I have had several Etsy handmade artists donate little angel charms for rememberance necklaces for the couples. We are also going to include Baby Angel NB hats, Angel Picture Frames, Poems, and possibly a teddy bear. Although we do need donations to help with the costs of the boxes. (each box is $7). So we are hoping that we will get a good start with this and be able to donate several boxes in Jayden's memory.
I can't wait to go see Jayden tomorrow before we go to church and visit JB's mother in portland tomorrow. We haven't seen her since the funeral and feel we need to go see them.
(Me - I curled my hair for v-day!! i love it - if only it didn't take 2hrs to do!!)


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