Thursday, February 12, 2009

In Memory of JHB ^i^

osh and I have been thinking and thinking about what to do for Jayden's first birthday. We know it's a year away but we want to do something VERY special. I've already taken off work for it. So far, this is our plan:

  • Lay in bed and look at pictures
  • Go to the cemetery to donate for infant headstones (see below)
  • Let 1 Blue balloon with a note in it to Jayden an 39 white balloons off at Jayden's grave "BED".
  • Go out to dinner to celebrate Jayden
  • Spend the evening going through his memory box and looking back on those 39 weeks we spent with him.
We decided that we are going to save $50 here and there to donate to families who have babies buried in the infant circle at the cemetary where Jayden sleeps. There are so many graves that are unmarked and it breaks our hearts. The cemetary rep said it's probably that they can't afford it, obviously not because they didnt want one. The temp headstones that the cemetary offers are white marble looking stone with black engravged letters are $50 each and that $50 is also put towards a permanent headstone. So we are going to try to donate as many temps in memory of Jayden. Hopefully we can get most if not all of those little precious babies a little stone with their name and dates. <3

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