Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well honestly, I never thought I'd find myself in this position. But I can honestly say that I have some absolutely amazing online friends.

I know that sounds cheesy to some, but seriously. I found a group on cafemom when I first got pregnant. It was a group for moms who were due Jan09. And I never thought that I would make the friends that I have. They have been absolute angels in support, thoughts and prayers. I never thought I could get so close to a person without even meeting them, or honestly even how much we actually do have in common! But It feels good to be able to sit down and connect no matter what time or day just to check in.
And yes, While most are enjoying their newest bundles of joy, I can honestly say I'm so happy for them.  a little Jealous sure but in a good way. I couldn't be more happy for them. I've been checking in on the group, although I don't feel I have a place to post much anymore. But i can't just walk away from the group because it has been such a active part of my life for the last 9 months.
I just wanted to tell you ladies thank you. You've been wonderful. Your support, messages, thoughts, prayers and stories have been so amazing. Ive taken all of this with a great heart and much appreciation. Know that it does not go unnoticed!

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