Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snowed In...In Nashville

So JB and I are in Nashville until Thursday. And of course, it is snowing today. I had made plans to go drive around today and go sight seeing. But no, the snow decided to come and keep me couped up in this hotel! Luckily, I have a book to read, a blog to write and a weight room to visit.
JB is meeting with the head of the national guard today. COL Jones came into town to meet with the hero on call staff. JB said depending on the time, he may be able to grab me something to eat for lunch or bring me to lunch. But that just depends on COL's schedule. Otherwise, I am stuck eating the hotel room service which, by the way, sucks! $15.00 for a potato cut in half, over cooked to where it's crunchy with nasty barbq pulled pork stuffed inside. Sounded good.... tasted disgusting!!! Mc D's is right across the street... maybe I can get the car to go, or walk. Burr.
Well off to the weight room for #2 today. bback later xoxo!

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