Friday, December 18, 2009

23w2d :: The Move

Well, what a day. Lets just say that bedrest + moving = a very very stressful day. We did however get everything into storage that needed to go and tomorrow is going to be moving everything else into moms and get organized. btw, how in the world do we have so much stuff?!? It's utterly ridiculous!! I'm just glad my sister in law (SIL) Heather came over and brought me taco bell. That was the highlight of my day and OH SO YUMMY!!! I'm such a cheap date and I love it ;) haha!!Anyway, poor ramadi, (dog) she was just so confused on what was going on today. And now she is with me at my moms tonight and daddy isn't around. She won't leave my side and she just sits and shakes. poor pup!! And to think we have to go through this all over again in april! ARG! My dog is going to be emotionally scared for life since this is her 4th move and 5th here in april. And no, she won't get over it and she isn't just a dog.... LOL "she's a princess not a dog" as JB would say!! way too spoiled that is!

We had our ultrasound on monday with the specialist again. Rylee's red blood cell MCA numbers came back elevated from what they were last time but good news is not as much as they did last time. We are still in category C and still in the normal range. So we are just ganna keep chugging along and pray they don't go any higher. She looks really good. They said a sign of anemia is fluid around the belly and liver.... and she doesn't have that at all. 

The only thing I'm worried about I suppose is that our next ultrasound is on December 28th. Last year on this day is when we went to the hospital due to lack of movement with Jayden and the ultrasound showed that he had no cardiac activity and had passed away sometime in the previous 24 hours. I'm so nervous. They said they would do a full anatomy ultrasound and 4D so we can see that she is perfect and to reassure us, but an ultrasound at all on this day just freaks me out. I have enough of a hard time with ultrasounds as it is. I freak myself enough that they will tell me she is dead or something is fatally wrong with her let alone doing an ultrasound on that specific day. But I couldn't say much as we are supposed to go back in 7 days and because of christmas/holidays we can only get an appt for 11 days. So we are pushing it as it is. I'm sure i'll get through it fine, eventually. I just better get an hour ultrasound and about 50 million pictures to make up for the date. 

You know, I swear it's like one thing after another, we don't seem to be able to catch a break what so ever. Is this how it's going to be every single time we get pregnant?! If so, I'm not sure I can guarantee any more after Rylee is here. It's so stressful. I know I say that now... and that ultimately we want to have 3 kids but right now, that future seems like that will never happen. 

.... I know... one day at a time... or one minute at a time i guess is better. It's not helping my craft stuff is packed up for the time being. I normally can sit down and  make a ton of earrings and the effort and focus it takes to make the wires and design it then actually put it all together really keeps me un-focused on everything else. And I won't be able to get those things to my moms until tomorrow. So what to do with myself until I fall asleep...

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