Monday, December 28, 2009

24 weeks 4 days :: The Best Guardian Angel

I can honestly say that we have one of the best guardian angels.

Flashing back to last year on this day. We went to the hospital around 11pm for lack of movement only to find that little Jayden had passed away and approx. 48 hours later he was born sleeping. (I'll leave the details and what nots for the day of his birthday!)....

Today, coincidentally, we had our MCA ultrasound at our maternal fetal medicine specialist. The last two ultrasounds her levels have gone up and were getting closer and closer to being borderline anemic. I was so nervous for today. I haven't slept the last two nights. I thought Dr. A (OB) was crazy for giving me a prescription for some sleeping aids for the this week and next. And you know what?? She wasn't so crazy! However I still haven't brought myself to take them as I'm trying to steer clear of any meds. I just stay up and play with my beads or mess with the business website... keeps me pre-occupied until I finally get so tired I almost pass out at the computer.

So I had mom go with us today just for a little extra emotional support. I prayed and prayed that everything would be fine and asked Jayden to watch over his little sister and make her strong and keep her that way. And he sure did his job! She actually went down a category back to category D. she was just a few points off from being category C but just enough to say we are in the low risk group again!! I'm thrilled. I'm so glad she's such a strong fighter. I know I can thank God and Jayden for that too. And as much as I want Jayden here with me, I'm so glad I have someone like him to lean on and talk to in times like this. He really really pulls through for me.

The ultrasound tech did all Rylee's measurements. She weighs 1 pound 7 oz. and is measuring right on track. She was so funny laying on her back with her feet up to her face and her hands holding her toes. She's too funny. We kept getting a glimpse of her face between her legs. I actually cried at this ultrasound. It was the first ultrasound that I got really choked up at. She had been kicking me before hand so I knew we wouldn't get the worst news but seeing her little heart beat so strong (157bpm) made my emotions flow. I think when I normally go to appointments and ultrasounds I kind of go into this daze. I first prepare myself for the worst and then when things go okay I smile but I don't say anything and then I walk out of there and it takes me a good hour or so to snap out of it. And honestly, I'm lucky I have someone go with me because I miss half of what is being said to me!!

I've already got others in line to go with me since JB leaves in 3 weeks. We scheduled our next MCA ultrasound on the 18th right before JB leaves on the 21st so that he can get a good glimpse at her and lots of pictures to take with him.

Oh and by the way - there is still no sign of my blackberry. It's driving me crazy.... UGH! :( *TEARS*

Alright well... that's all for now... have a wonderful night!

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