Saturday, January 23, 2010

28w 2d :: Clothes

Well, Yesterday's appointment with Dr. A went well. She is going to wait until after our MCA ultrasound on the 29th to schedule our c-section date. My belly and Rylee both are measuring a week ahead so she should be a good sized baby! Oh and I of course am now starting to barely be able to tie my shoes. As you can see below, the bows are on the side of the shoe, which means soon mom will have to start tying my shoes for me HAHA (i'm sure this will bring back good ol memories for mom!)

Mom and I stopped by walmart yesterday and I couldn't resist the new clothes that were in the baby section! So I got her a yellow onsie with a cute little pink and purple bee with matching pink pants. And then of course this adorable little Easter/spring dress with a cute little pink knit jacket to go over it. AH i love baby girl clothes!!!

Josh is doing good in training so far, they really haven't done much but get everything ready to start training. Poor ramadi misses her daddy. She keeps laying on his pile of dirty clothes that I need to wash lol. I couldn't imagine that they smell good but hey they must at least smell like him because she won't move from them!!

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