Saturday, February 6, 2010

30w2d :: Bummer!

Well I didn't get to go down to Knox like I wanted to thanks to mother nature... it just HAD to snow a ton this weekend!!! *sigh* I'll get over it I guess. I did clean my room today and get some other things done which was good.

Next up is to work on some jewelry!!! <3 super excited about that... I haven't gotten my stuff out to make anything new because I've been so back logged on getting caught up on taking photos and listing them on my website!

Well, only 7 weeks and counting to go! Dr. A. still has to talk to the specialist but the possible plan is to do an amnio at 37w0d (3/25) and see if Rylee's lungs are mature and if they are then we can deliver, if not then we will wait a week. However Jayden passed away in the 38th week. I do not want to go into my 38th week. I'm scared to death. That's what it comes down to. I would rather delivery early and have a baby in NICU than wait around and have a baby die. Idk, makes sense in my brain... so my doctors may not like me by the time delivery comes around but I'm pretty sure I'm paying them to take care of me, there for I am going to have a say in it and be an advocate for myself.  I'll keep yall updated on that issue.

So, there is a christian artist who I just love!! Matthew West. I'm absolutely sure he writes his songs specifically for me (LOL!) And he has this awesome song called "Save a Place for me" it goes like this:

Don’t be mad if I cry
It just hurts so bad sometimes
‘Cause everyday it’s sinking in
And I have to say goodbye all over again

You know I bet it feels good to have the weight of this world
Off your shoulders now
I’m dreaming of the day
When I’m finally there with you

Save a place for me
Save a place for me
I’ll be there soon
I’ll be there soon
Save a place for me
Save some grace for me
I’ll be there soon
I’ll be there soon

I have asked the question why
But I guess the answer’s for another time
So instead I’ll pray
With every tear
And be thankful for the time I had you here

And I wanna live my life
Just like you did
Make the most of my time
Just like you did
And I wanna make my home up in the sky
Just like you did
Oh, but until I get there
Until I get there

Talk about perfect song right??

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